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Rubber ingredients (Actor-TDDS, Accel-BF, Accel-808, Actor-512A)
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ACTOR-TDDS can be used as a vulcanizing agent for halogenated elastomers. Complete information about its utility can be found in Technical Bulletins (ACTOR-TDDS vulcanizing Agent Cost Effective, High Performance Vulcanizing Agent for Chlorinated Polyethylene) General Sales...
Group: Accelerators of vulcanization
High-performance accelerator BF for CPE Chlorinated Polyethylene
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Used as accelerator for chlorinated polyethylene (CPE)with vulcanizing agent ACTOR-TDDS, ACTOR-ECHO.A and ACTOR-512. Specification Test Method Amine Number 110-116 VV/5.014 Color, Gardner 2.0 maximum SC/5.003 Lodine Value 3.0 maximum VE/5.009 Moisture Content 0.4% maximum VE/5.002 Secondary...
Group: Catalysts
Crosslinking agent: Actor-512A
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Crosslinking agent: Actor-512A The vulcanizing agent of ACTOR-512A which is designed for use with halogenated elastomers such as Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) and Poly-epichlorohydrin (ECO) item Appearance White or light yellow powder Detail(325 grit...
Group: Accelerators of vulcanization


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